Some pictures of our recent projects in San Diego County.

Here is a sample of the many Precast concrete caps that are available.

Precast caps

Antique Cobble interlocking pavers.

Antique cobble

These masonry block columns are veneered with El Dorado stone with no cement joints.

El Dorado stone columns

This customer requested the use of Keystone Legacy Stone to build a small retaining wall to be used as a planter box.

Keystone Legacy Stone

This is another picture showing one of the many uses of El Dorado Stone.

El Dorado stone

Slump block freestanding wall with brick cap.

Slump block wall with brick cap

Keystone retaining wall.

Keystone retaining wall

Slump block wall with columns and brick paving.

Slump block wall with columns

Stamped concrete entry walkway with block columns covered with El Dorado veneered stone.

Stamped concrete walkway

Mountain ledge stone. Customer requested a small retaining wall, to prevent soil run-off, that matched the front of his house.

Mountain ledge stone

Colonial brick steps with split face block wall capped with brick and matching columns.

Colonial brick steps

Keystone retaining wall.

Keystone retaining wall